This is a wee test of cellular automaton/Genetic algorithims I made , since I was bored :P.

42 civilization have just spawned all over Europe and will ebb and flow given the  mutagen algorithim that controls them, and how they react to encountering other civilizations. 

This simulation is really only for looking at, but the outcome is likely to change everytime you watch it.

Each pixel is simulated (aside from the sea) So I there are several hundred thousand different areas being simulated. This will likely eat your CPU as things get hectic, so have fun with that :D.

Music: Sonata for 2 Flutes in E minor by Dee_Yan-Key.


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im willing to test future builds

This is really cool, could you do one for the middle east/africa or the whole world  - btw I have an MSI laptop, this runs so smoothly lol!  

great work